The retail and its industries play a key role in the economic development of Singapore, with around 22,000 establishments contributing to almost 1.4% of our annual GDP. To cope with increasing market and consumer demands, the retail industry has been a constant source of exciting smart initiatives that spans across both physical and digital platforms.

To enable these “new retail” innovations, data has become the key to unlocking new business capabilities. Without the “right” data, these businesses are unable to drive further innovations for digitalisation.

In understanding the rising industry data needs, IDEP has launched the Retail Data Innovation Challenge in line with the Retail Industry Transformation Map (RITM). This challenge seeks to bring bigger and more industry relevant data to enable the development of solutions that can address industry-wide problem statements ad activate an optimised retail supply chain. The inaugural challenge ran from July-September 2019.


CONGRATULATIONS to the winner of the IDEP Retail Data Innovation Challenge 2019!

AiSensum International Pte Ltd
OctoPi Location Gravity Index (OLG)


If you have any queries on the IDEP Retail Data Innovation Challenge or you would like to partner with us on the next Data Innovation Challenge, please contact us through the link below.