Tourism Data Innovation Challenge


During the Tourism Industry Conference 2019, the Singapore Tourism Board brought forth the importance of transforming the Singapore tourism landscape through data and technology. With Singapore hitting a record high of 18.5 million visitors and $26.9 billion in tourism receipts in 2018*, the industry is in greater need of digital solutions that can better cater to these increasing demands.

Thus, having the “right” data has become vital in unlocking new capabilities across the tourism industry. Without it, businesses that cater to this fast-growing industry are unable to drive innovations that catches up to its increasing demands.

*Retrieved from Singapore Tourism Board, 2018

In understanding the rising industry data needs, IDEP has launched the Tourism Data Innovation Challenge. This challenge seeks to bring bigger and more industry relevant data to enable the development of solutions that can address industry-wide problem statements and uplift the Singapore tourism experience.


1)     Register for a Producer account on IDEP. You may register HERE if you do not have an existing account.

2)     Build a composite dataset with the Singtel Commercial Building Footfall data and TransitLink Tourism Pass data (*download links for the data will be sent to you upon registering for a Producer Account on IDEP).

3)     Submitted data must be aggregated and does not contain Personally Identifiable Information (PII).

4)     You are to host your submitted data product on any cloud server of your choice (E.g. AWS, Microsoft Azure) and create a working Swagger API link for it.

5)     Create a submission package in (.zip format) containing the following items:

        a) Completed Challenge Submission Form (Download the template HERE)

            *Incomplete forms will not be accepted

        b) Sample Data File (min 20 row/columns in .CSV format)

        c) API Documentation and/or Data Schemas


1)     All entries must be submitted under a Singapore Business Registration Number (BRN).

2)     Participants must have ownership and/or license to redistribute any dataset used for this Challenge.

3)     Submitted data and/or API links must not be currently made available on any public domain/ website


Please send your submission entries to us at with the subject header “Tourism DIC Submission: <Your Data Product Name>”.

You are responsible that your data product complies with the Singapore Personal Data Protection Act 2012 and Singtel’s Data Protection Policy. Submission found to contain any data breaches including, but not limited to Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and misrepresentation, will not be accepted. Singtel reserves the right to reject any such submissions.

All participants are highly encouraged to attend the Data Innovation for Tourism event on 20 November 2019. To register for the event, please click HERE.



There will be a maximum of 10 data products to be shortlisted as winners, with one Top Prize awarded to the best composite data worth $3000 in shopping vouchers. The remaining identified winners will each receive shopping vouchers worth $1000 each.

All winning entries will have the opportunity to embark on a data monetisation journey with IDEP and market your data to SMEs and enterprises!



What is this challenge about?

The Tourism Data Innovation Challenge encourages data owners and developers to build composite datasets that can be used to enable innovations in the Singapore tourism industry.

When can I start submitting my challenge entry?

You may submit your challenge entry between 20 November 2019 (Launch of challenge) and 31 December 2019 (Closing date).


How many entries can I submit?

You may submit multiple entries for this challenge. Each composite dataset and API is considered as one submission.


I am currently an IDEP data producer. Can I still participate in this challenge?

Yes, you may. You may not resubmit your existing IDEP dataset or previous submission entries for this challenge.


How do I download the Singtel Commercial Building Footfall dataset?

You must register for an account on IDEP and download the file from the link given to you.


What must be included in my submission package?

Your submission package must include (1) the completed Submission Form, (2) a Sample Data file in .CSV format and (3) an API Documentation and/or Data Schemas.


Tourism and its related industries consist of many different sectors. What kind of dataset should I submit?

Your submission entry can be geared towards solving a specific problem statement in the tourism industry. You may choose to focus on a specific issue or sector within the industry (E.g. Customer Experience; Hotel).


What kind of datasets can I use for this challenge?

You are welcomed to use any dataset that you own and/or have licence to redistribute. You may also use publicly available datasets for this challenge.


Who owns the submitted dataset and API?

You own any dataset and API that you submit for this challenge.


Why must I declare my data sources in the submission form?

IDEP offers trusted data to our Buyers. Evaluating the sources of any data offered on IDEP is part of our onboarding processes.


Where can I get help to create a Swagger API for my dataset?

You may use tools such as Swagger UI from  or GitHub to assist you.


For any queries regarding the challenge, please feel free to email us through the link below.